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Embroidery is one of our most popular applications within the work place. It’s a really straight forward process. Once the logo is digitized it is then sent to the software on the machine, the garments are then framed, thread colours selected and the process begins. We use the best threads available and there is unlimited stitch count for all our chest logos along with no limit on colours. This application works well on polo shirts, coats, gilets, aprons ect.


If there is a big run required with a single colour print this process is perfect. The ink is pushed through a mesh screen and then cured under a heat press to finish off the process. Another area screen printing excels in is for really big logos as they can be much cheaper then CAD cut vinyl and also DTF transfers. Ideal garments for this process is t shirts, hoodies, sweats ect. This process is only recommended for larger orders.


Vinyl transfers is great for smaller runs of clothing, no more than 2 colours are recommended for this application.  Your logo is sent direct to our Roland plotter and is cut to shape, the waste is then pulled out leaving the logo required. Once this has taken place the logo is then transferred to the garment via a heat press. Certain materials have different press times. A good range of colours are available along with textured material, reflective and glitter. This material can go on almost every material apart from fleeces.


Dye sublimation is a printing process using a specially designed paper which holds the dye sublimation ink. The CMYK printer can print full colour designs and then is applied via 200c heat for 1 minute and the garment is finished. This process is only an option with certain materials and also certain colours, the process does not work on any from of cotton.


This is the most modern way to date for branding garments. The DTF printer prints a variety of colour codes, RGB, Pantone or CMYK. There is no limit on colours which makes it interesting for more colourful designs. Another huge plus point on using this process is it is ink which is printed to the film and then transferred via heat the shelf life is as good as the screen printing process without setting up the screens. These logos are priced based on colours and quantities.


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  • Great company

    Great Company, Fast Turnaround and they advised what brand of clothing would be suitable for me and my team.

    - Sam Smith

  • Would Highly recommend

    Would highly recommend - friendly & professional staff who know how to turn your ideas into custom made clothing, very happy with my order. Thanks again Matt!

    - Tracey

  • Fantastic Company

    Fantastic company couldn't recommended them highly enough. Great serivce, great product and they went the extra mile to make sure we got the order

    - Carol

  • Great quality products

    Great quality products at a great price, customer service was superb took time and really looked after me. Thank you.

    - Jonathan A

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